All Ceramic

It Is considered by all experts as the ideal or prototype restorative material against which all others are compared. It duplicates all the intrinsic optical qualities of the natural dentition. Its ability to be etched is another advantage as it can be treated to maximize bonding to dental structures and withstand the rigorous oral environment.

For the past many years New Creation Dental Studios has perfected the art of All-Ceramic restorations through IPS Empress® and IPS e.max®. Our talented technicians have completed many training courses both in-house and by expert trainers specialized in All-Ceramic restorations.

This has become one of the most popular restorative materials and is the first esthetic material that can be safely prescribed as a metal replacement in a good percentage of clinical cases. The association of its strength, esthetic optical qualities and excellent resistance to fatigue failure makes it an ideal restorative material. From single crowns to full arch bridges Zirconia can be used as the foundation for a very strong esthetic restoration. It also provides a good alternative for metal in the esthetic zone to promote to most pleasing result.

New Creation Dental Studios uses the latest CAD/CAM technology to meet the increasing demand for restorations with clinically proven strength, exceptional beauty and un compromising aesthetics and vitality that replicates the beauty of natural dentition. CAD/CAM zirconia restorations produce some of the strongest and most aesthetic all-ceramic crowns and bridges to date.  

Along with New Creation highly trained technicians, the superior aesthetics and durability of All-Ceramic and CAD/CAM restorations guarantee natural looking results, giving your patients a healthy, natural, beautiful smile. The All-Ceramic and zirconia systems selected by New Creation Dental Studios have proven to be the restoration of choice among dentists worldwide. 

Find your desired all-ceramic or zirconia material from the product list below, then follow the link to learn more about its features and benefits and to view a picture of the finished product.

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