Porcelain Fused-to-Metal

Porcelain Fused-To-Metal - Traditional Wisdom

Despite the constant improvements in dental materials and the increased availability of ceramic systems, the experienced clinician knows that there are circumstances where only metal can address the structure demands.

Metal base restorations remains the strongest material for the construction of dental prosthesis and, when combined with Porcelain, can achieve impressive results from both mechanical and aesthetic standpoints.

Porcelain fused to noble alloys provides outstanding strength and the newer generation of dental porcelains allows New Creation Dental skilled ceramists to create results that challenge the human eye while simultaneously achieving the most in terms of strength.

Indications:                             Full coverage crown & bridge restorations anywhere in the mouth, Inlays/Onlays

Features & Benefits:          Superior aesthetics
                                        Perfect anatomy
                                        Fit accuracy
                                        Excellent marginal integrity
                                        Length bridges
                                        Internal charecteristics
                                        Plaque defiance
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