Implants - Natural Integration                  

Implants has become the standard of care for tooth replacement. From the broad selection of implant systems to the different designs, the competition caused by the ever expanding implant market has lowered the cost of implants and associated restorative components. Today, dental implants can be offered to patients the simply could not afford them years ago.

Permanent implants, transitional implants, bioaesthetic abutments, Titanium and Zirconia
abutments, and a multitude of other options can be employed for the successful treatment of even the most challenging cases. Zirconia milled abutments are an excellent choice for anterior cases. Procera Titanium milled abutments are another good choice when the ultimate in mechanical strength is desired.

Other options for implant treatment include functional wax-ups, surgical guides, long-term provisionals, transitional implant prosthesis, templates and numerous other products and services that make implant treatment simple and predictable.    
New Creation Dental Studios is a one-stop-shop for leading-edge implant systems. 
We've chosen to work with some of the most popular implants including, but not limited to: 

Astra Tech BIOMET 3I
Nobel Biocare™  Straumann           Zimmer 

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