Full Cast Crown-Inlay/Onlay

Full Cast Metal 

Metal restorations have traditionally represented all that was available in terms of prosthetic alternatives. The natural evolution of aesthetics, tooth-colored materials has reduced the use of metal. It however, continues to present many advantages and is indicated in a number of situations where no currently available ceramic material can be employed.

Metal predictability has a long standing record in dentistry. Although not the most ideal aesthetic material, it can provide very good results when combined with the newer generation of dental porcelains.

Indications: Single crown, Inlays/Onlays, bridges, Implant supported bridges, bar supported over-denture, removable appliances with attachments, cantilever distal extension full-arch implant bridges, and metal posts and/or cores.

Features & Benefits: Biocompatibility
Strength & longevity
Excellent anatomy
Plaque resistance
Polishes like a mirror

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